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Introduction to Osaka University

Plus One (Short-term Education and Research Support System)

Osaka University will begin a new support system for promoting the work-life balance of its employees who are responsibilities for childbirth, child-rearing, or caring for a family member.

I. Employment of short-term part-time assistants

Osaka University’s Research Supporters System supports researchers who are having difficulty in securing sufficient time for research due to the birth of a child or to family responsibilities such as child-rearing or nursing-care. This support system employs individuals who have completed graduate school and students as "research assistants" to assist researchers needing support. In addition to the system, Osaka University has established a new system for providing such researchers with employment cost for employing research assistants when such researchers need support temporarily or intensively.  

Intended for:

Faculty members and researchers at OU (including the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science fellows) who are involved in their education or research activities while engaging in the birth of a child, child-rearing, or nursing-care.

  • Those who are in any leave of absence such as maternity leave, childcare leave, or family-care leave, or currently using the Research Supporters System are not eligible for using this short-term support system.
  • Applicants are requested to find part-time workers by themselves and obtain their consent before making applications. 
  • Such part-time workers should be engaged in short-term simple duties such as support for preparing research/education materials, data collection, or assistance in experiments which are necessary for maintaining applicants’ education and research at Osaka University.
  • The part-time workers' hourly wage is 950 yen. Overtime work beyond 8 hours a day, work on a holiday, and midnight work are not allowed. The upper limit of working hours a week should be 14.
Support is deemed necessary when an applicant is under the following circumstances:
  • The applicant needs more time for research than usual because of the preparation of materials for academic meetings (temporarily increased research hours)
  • The applicant cannot secure usual research hours because of preparing for projects to be held by his/her laboratory (temporary decreased research/education hours due to a temporary increase in work)
  • The applicant needs to take care of children by oneself because his/her spouse is overseas on business (temporarily increased hours for child-rearing)
  • The applicant’s parent who is usually engaged in child-raring will be hospitalized (temporarily increased hours for child-rearing)
  • The applicant temporarily needs to take care of his/her parent to be moved to another care facility (temporarily increased hours for nursing care)


Usage period:

Up to two months. However, reapplying for different reasons is possible.

Ceiling on subsidies:

80,000 yen a year for each applicant

If it is within the above subsidies, it's possible to employ multiple part-time workers in a one-time application.

Procedures for using this service

1. Submit the Application Form for Employing Part-time Workers (Form 1) by three weeks before the date of usage.  Schedule for part-time work

Submit to: Support Office for Diversity Promotion in Human Resources, Department of General Affairs, Suita Campus
When using this address, please replace [at] with @.

2. After screening, applicants will be informed of their screening results.

3. Upon receiving approval, applicants will complete the employment procedures.

4. Receive support from part-time workers.

5. After the day's work has finished, users are required to check the entries on the Part-time Work Sheet (Form 2) and affix their seal on it.

6. Submit the Part-time Work Sheet (Form 2) and the Part-time Employment Report (Form 3) to the above-mentioned office by the monthly deadline.

Reference: Guidelines for Plus One (Short-term Education and Research Support System)

For more information, contact:

Gender Equality Staff, Support Office for Diversity Promotion in Human Resources, Department of General Affairs and Planning (2F, Administration Bureau South Building, Suita Campus)
Tel: 06-6879-4405 (extension: 4760, 9573)
Email: geoffice-gea[at]
When using this address, please replace [at] with @.

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