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Introduction to Osaka University


What is an Internship?

Internship programs at Osaka University are defined as "programs in which students are given the opportunity to experience working in a company or other organization for a limited period of time as part of their education while attending university." There are a variety of types of internship -- the job experience-type, in which participants can experience working a job, the problem solving-type, in which participants make presentations regarding a given theme, and the explanatory session-type, in which participants take classroom lectures. Furthermore, the content of each internship varies by type. Therefore, it's important for students to participate in internships with a strong sense of purpose, be it understanding the industry and company of their choice or simply acquiring a hint when deciding their courses through experiencing work.

The length of an internship varies depending on the program. In short-term internship programs, it's difficult to get the chance to work, so participants may get only a general idea of the work involved. The internship is just a means for achieving your goals. Participation in internships is not a precondition to land a job and participation in other activities may lead you to your goals, so you should think of internships from a broad viewpoint. You should prioritize your studies and participate in internships without letting them interfere with your coursework. 

For many students, internships are the impetus for thinking about work and their courses in the future. If you are at a loss when thinking about how to express your strengths or write a CV, consult a career counselor at the Career Center of the Counseling Support Division in the Health and Counseling Center. It's good to show your CV a counselor. You may discover something that you had not noticed. Even you may not know everything about yourself.

Please take a look at this: Things You Need to Know About Working [Unfortunately, this detailed document is only available in Japanese.]

Internship Guidebook

This guidebook includes how to gather information about internships, their procedures, and precautions regarding internship participation.

Internship Information

Internship information sent to the Campus Life and Career Support Division is posted on the Career Support System. The application deadlines for internship programs that require applications through the university, especially deadlines for programs sponsored by national and municipal governments, are earlier than those specified by the organizations that implement such programs. Be sure to check the deadlines on the Career Support System. Internship programs related to professional education are conducted by school and those sponsored by JICA Kansai are conducted by the Global Initiative Center.


For possible accidents during your internships, students are requested to buy two types of insurance: an accident insurance to cover costs associated with injury treatments and a liability insurance to cover the cost of any injuries of or damage to the property of another individual as a result of an accident that you caused.
First, you need to confirm any insurance plans purchased by your parents or guardians, as well as your internship company. If they don't have the above-mentioned insurance, you are strongly encouraged to take out insurance that covers liabilities of daily life.


Accidents during internships that you signed on and completed procedures for under direction or recommendation from the University (faculty and staff members), as well as those for which you can earn credits and have been reported to your teacher, except in the case of referral only, in principle, are automatically covered by the Personal Accident Insurance for Students Pursuing Education and Research (PAS) and the Liability Insurance for Students Pursuing Education and Research (LSR). For more information about the scope of insurance, please direct questions to your teacher or the Campus Life and Career Support Division on the Toyonaka Campus.

Email: cs-stu[at]
When contacting this address, please replace (at) with @

Note: Details on internships covered under LSR and PAS changed on July 12, 2017.

Reports on internship experiences

Reports on internship experiences have been posted. (internal use only)

Research Internships by the Co-Creative Education Division, Office for Industry-University Co-Creation

To graduate students and doctoral degrees holders

The Co-Creative Education Division of the Office for Industry-University Co-Creation provides mid- to long- research internships (usually two month~) for graduate students and doctoral degrees holders to help them to become leaders in creating innovation in various environments.

Working outside your laboratory by interning in private or public organizations in Japan or abroad gives you an opportunity to broaden your perspectives and test your abilities. Internships offer individuals hoping to work in the academic realm as well as those interested in working in a private sector the chance to widen the scope of their research.

As an example of industry-university co-creation endeavors, Collaborative Education for Next-Generation INnovations & Exploration of knowledge intersections (C-ENGINE) is engaged in human resources development. Fourteen universities and 34 companies form a consortium to provide internship matching services. Individuals interested are encouraged to register their information on the Innovative HR Development Matching System (IDM) web site.

In addition to internship programs, the Co-Creative Education Division is involved in a variety of endeavors in human resource and career development.

For more information, please visit the website of the Office for Industry-University Co-Creation, Co-Creation Bureau, Osaka University.



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