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Introduction to Osaka University

Anti-theft Registration of your Bicycle

Legally speaking, if you are going to use a bicycle, you must complete anti-theft registration of your bicycle. On the Toyonaka campus, such anti-theft registration must be completed before you register your bicycle for use on the Toyonaka campus!

At the recommendation of the Osaka Prefectural Safety Committee, a Bicycle Dealers Anti-Theft Cooperation Society has been set up. Bicycle dealers belonging to this society can assist you with the anti-theft registration of your bicycle and such dealers display a sign denoting their stores as Bicycle Anti-theft Registration Locations. For more information on this topic, go here or phone 06-6629-0750.

Anti-theft registration can be done at a bicycle store when purchasing a bicycle. Such registration can also be done later -- to do so, take some sort of proof of purchase with you to a designated Anti-theft Registration store.

What should you do if you "inherited" or purchased your bicycle from a friend?

Situation 1: The former owner of the bicycle had registered the bicycle and you have a transfer certificate from him/her. Solution: Take the transfer certificate and bicycle to an anti-theft registration store and re-register the bicycle in your name.

Situation 2: The former owner either never registered the bicycle or the registration certificate has been lost. Solution: Take the bicycle either to a local police box or to a certified bicycle shop. Either of those two can check the serial number on the bicycle to determine if it is a stolen bicycle or not. Obtain written certification from them that the bicycle is not stolen and anti-theft registration can now be made in your name.

Note: Anti-theft registration costs ¥500...

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