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Commissioned Programs

Global Science Campus project

With the aim of developing human resources who can excel in a global environment, the Global Science Campus project was established to develop and implement an advanced and systematic education program in math and science which recruits and screens local senior high school students with both outstanding ability and motivation. This program, which also includes international activity, is implemented through the cooperation of prefectural or government-ordinance city boards of education to form a consortium which acts as a center to develop the abilities of local students as a community.

Programs selected in 2015-2016

Program title SEEDS Program: Utilizing the Educational Research Ability of the World Tekijuku
-Discovering and Developing Outstanding Human Resources in Science and Technology-

Project to Promote Foreign Language Education that Responds to Globalization

This project aims to establish a Russian curriculum model open to society: that is, a curriculum in which individuals can learn the Russian language in close coordination and cooperation with society in order to develop individuals who can contribute to local communities.  

Based on the educational guidelines and guidelines used to describe achievements of learners of foreign languages such as CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages), regarding Russian education, this project undertakes practical approaches in 1) curriculum management, 2) the improvement of learning assessment methods, and 3) the realization of continuity and liaison between high schools and universities. These efforts will be conducted according to the educational systems at schools, the learning level of students, and the needs of the local community.

Programs selected in 2018-2019

Program title

Establishing Russian education open to society: Conducting Russian education, curriculum management, learning assessment, and high school-university continuity, with a view to local contribution

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