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Advanced Education in the Liberal Arts -- Intellectual Gymnastics

Advanced Education in the Liberal Arts -- Intellectual Gymnastics, a program for 3rd- and 4th-year undergraduate students as well as graduate students, will commence at Osaka University in April 2011. The curriculum of Intellectual Gymnastics is designed for students who have attained a certain level of specialized professional knowledge and who plan to be entering the real world where broad comprehension and abilities are needed in addition to one's specialized professional knowledge. 

The curriculum contains both knowledge-based liberal arts courses and skill-based courses in order to assist students acquire various skills and competencies. In the program pamphlet (downloadable below), key words are attached to each course according to the characteristics and purposes of the course.

Key words:

World: Designed to assist persons move out into a world stage.
Different fields: Integrating different fields.
Maturity: Creating mature individuals for civil society.
Tough: Brightening society through assisting students become intellectually tough.

Using these words, students can choose courses suitable for their hopes, plans, and learning goals. Credits will be given to students who completed courses provided by schools other than their schools and it will be described on their transcript that the courses are included in advanced education.

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