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Achievements / Description of activities

1 Physical Leadership
Members participate in a variety of sports activities and events, and work to unify sports-oriented activities as a whole.
2 Aikido
Members get together 3 times a week to work hard at improving their aikido.
3 Kendo
The kendo club has 3 night practices, 2 early morning practices, and one morning practice each week with the goal of qualifying for the All-Japan Student Kendo Meet and winning the Seven Universities Meet
4 Judo Championship in Kinki National University Judo Meet, etc.; qualified for the 73kg weight division in All-Japan Student Judo Meet
5 Karate
Men's and Women's Champions -- Seven Universities Meet; Men's 3rd place -- National Tournament; various other individual accolades.
6 Japanese Archery
"The men's league is in the 2nd division, women 3rd, and we're aiming to move up in the leagues."
7 Table Tennis

Quarterfinalists -- 2016 National Tournament

Champions -- 2016 Seven Universities Meet

8 Volleyball
2017 2nd Division Spring League -- 8th place; 2017 3rd Division Fall League -- 3rd place; Keihanshin 3 Universities Meet -- 1st place
9 Badminton
Championships in Han-mei (vs. Nagoya University), Seven Universities Meet, and Keihanshin Meet; qualified in the men's doubles in intercollegiates
10 Fencing
"The men's league is in 2nd division, women's, 2nd, and we're aiming to move up in the leagues."
11 Basketball
Seven Universities Meet: 1st place (2nd year in a row), Kansai 2nd Division: 4th place
12 Gymnastics
Han-mei Meet (vs. Nagoya University): 1st place (men's and women's), Kinki National Universities Meet: 2nd place (men's) and 1st place (women's), Seven Universities Meet: 2nd place (men's) and 1st place (women's)
13 Tennis

14 Soft Tennis
"We're currently in the 3rd division of the Kansai Student League; this year we'll try for 2nd!"
15 Track and Field
Seven Universities Meet: Men's - 2nd place, Women's - 1st place, 6 members from the team entered the All-Japan Intercollegiate
16 Baseball
4th in the 2nd division in the Kinki Student Baseball Fall League
17 Rubber Ball Baseball
Seven Universities Meet -- 1st place; Kinki Tournament -- 3rd place; Advanced to the Kiyose Cup; Spring League -- 2nd place; Advanced to Kansai Tournament
18 Soccer
Kansai Student Soccer League 2nd Division B -- 4th place; Rookie Tournament -- Quarterfinalists
19 Rugby
Currently in the C League of the Kansai Universities Rugby League, coming in 4th place last year
20 Handball
4th, 2nd division, 2014 Fall League; Championship, Seven Universities Meet; 5th, 2nd division, 2015 Spring League
21 Field Hockey
6th place in Spring League Division 2, 5th place in Fall League Division 2, 3rd place in Seven Universities Meet, 4 members sent to Seven Universities Best Eleven
22 Swimming
In swimming, 5 swimmers from Osaka University entered the Kansai 2nd Division Intercollegiate Meet, where the team won 3rd place. Water polo: Advanced to the Intercollegiate Meet, 2 students chosen for the National Tournament.
23 Sailing
National Women's Intercollegiate Championship -- 7th Place (Snipe Class); National Intercollegiate Championship -- 12th Place (Snipe Class)
24 Rowing
Kansai Championship -- 1st Place; All-Japan Championship -- 3rd Place
25 Glider
We fly around in engine-less planes called "gliders" at airports and gliding fields.
26 Automobile
Group championships in "Gymkhana Race" and "Rally" in the Kinki District Seven Universities 
27 Rifle Shooting
Group 1st place: Freshman Meet (Pistol), Meihan Meet; Group 3rd place: Autumn Tournament (Pistol), Three Universities Winter Meet
28 Rock Climbing
We work hard at rock climbing.
29 Skiing
2nd division, Intercollegiate; 1st division, Kansai League
30 Hiking
"Although we primarily climb mountains, we also engage in outdoor activities such as cycling, exploring uninhabited islands, and river rafting."
31 Cheerleaders
"Our primary activity is cheering on our athletes at athletic meets. We also participate at student festivals and such."
32 Women's Table Tennis
Championship, 3rd division B, Kansai Student Fall and Spring Leagues. We'll do our best to advance to the 2nd division!
33 Women's Volleyball
13th place, 6th Division Spring League; 4th place, 6th Division Fall League; 7th place, Seven Universities Meet
34 Women's Badminton
"We have placed in the 3rd division of the Kansai League!"
35 Women's Soft Tennis
"We are aiming for league promotion in the Kansai League and winning in the Seven Universities Meet!"
36 Fishing
From beginners to almost pros, we enjoy the outdoor activity of fishing.
37 Archery
We've remained in the 1st Division! We'll do our best to take the championship!
38 Shorinji Kenpo
Three straight victories in Seven Universities Meets. 6 straight victories in the Kansai Student Novice Meets. Two straight victories in Kansai Student Meet.
39 American Football
2nd, Block A, 2nd division in the Kansai American Football League
40 Golf
"We compete in the Seven Universities Meet, the Meihan Meet, and in league matches. We attend 4 competitions every year and have team practices 3 times a week."
41 Cycling
"Cycling is divided into 4 groups. Please view our home pages for specific information about the 4 groups."
42 Boxing
2nd division, Kansai Boxing League
43 Ice Hockey
League A, 1st division; We practice 3 days a week on the ice.
44 Figure Skating
5 members took part in All-Japan Intercollegiate; Championship, Men's 2nd Division, 15th Kansai Student Figure Skating Championships
45 Exploration
"We go camping in the mountains, explore caves, and even explore deserted islands!"
46 Softball
2nd division, Kansai Student Softball League
47 Scuba Diving
"We get to know a new world and learn the importance of nature through scuba diving."
48 Women's Basketball
10th, 3rd division, Kansai Women's Intercollegiate Basketball League
49 Orienteering
6th, Women's Intercollegiate Middle Distance
50 Women's Handball
We are in the 2nd division and work hard at improving our handball skills up to three times a week and participate league games in the spring and fall.
51 Sports Chambara
We've been stuck in a losing streak so we're looking for new members.
52 Taekwondo
"We have had many participants who placed in various meets. We are now aiming to place in the All Japan Meet."
53 Men's Lacrosse
"We're practicing hard every day to become the best student team in Japan!"
54 Women's Lacrosse
2016 - Kansai Student Lacrosse League 2nd Division -- 1st Place; 2017 - Kansai Lacrosse League 1st Division -- 6th Place
55 Cheerleading REBELS
We perform at various events in the area as well as school festivals. Participated in the 2016 Intercollegiate Cheerleading Championships
56 Jungfrau Skiing
We came in 2nd at the Iwatake Women's Rookie Ski Meet.
57 Sumo wrestling
1st place in the individual match by weight classes in the West Japan Student Sumo Meet; 3rd place in the individual match by weight classes in the All-Japan Student Sumo Invitational Meet
58 Ultimate 2016 Student Competitions
Kansai Qualifiers - Men's 7th, Women's 8th
National Tournament - Men's 20th

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