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Chess Festival Groningen 2014


HIRAO Satoshi, a 1st-year student at the Department of Applied Science, School of Engineering, reported to the president on his participation in the Chess Festival Groningen 2014 held in Groningen, The Netherlands, December 21~30 last year.
To commemorate the 400th anniversary of its founding, the University of Groningen (one of the universities having an exchange agreement with Osaka University) invited students from overseas.
From Osaka University, Satoshi, who has participated in Japanese Chess Championships for four consecutive years, took part in this international meet. As it was his first entry in an international competition, he was unusually tense. However, competing against world-famous chess players was a very valuable experience for him.
He reports he had a great time in the Netherlands. During his visit, when not participating in the chess championship, he had opportunities to learn the history of University of Groningen and that of Groningen City. President Toshio HIRANO encouraged him, saying, "I look forward to your success in chess championships in the years to come. You're still a first-year student, so I hope you won't be afraid to consider studying abroad, too."

chess festival 1

HIRAO Satoshi in the Chess Festival Groningen 2014 (photographed by Zhaoqin Peng)

chess festival 2

chess festival 3

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