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Detailed results of screening for the 14th Presidential Awards for Extracurricular Activities


Nominations for the 14th Presidential Awards for Extracurricular Activities were accepted from April 15 through May 17, 2013 in order to recognize outstanding extracurricular activities and invigorate and improve student extracurricular activity participation.

Thirty-one nominations for 5 sports-oriented clubs, 16 culture-oriented clubs, and 10 other groups and individuals were received. Following screening and interviews by the Screening Committee for the Presidential Awards for Extracurricular Activities and the Student Life Committee, the winners noted below were selected.

The awarding ceremony will be held be held in Room #301, Administration Bureau Building, on Tuesday, July 2, 2013.

Most Outstanding Achievement Award

No selection this year.

Outstanding Achievement Award

 ・HISHIYAMA Saki (Pharmaceutical Sciences -- 5th year)

For winning first prize in the 3rd section, Piano Outstanding Amateur (POA) Division, OSAKA International Music Competition and more.

 ・YASUMOTO Shuhei (Engineering -- Masters, 2nd year)

For winning the Best Prize and the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Prize in the Thesis Competition for University Science Students.

Special Recognition Awards

 ・Men's Handball [Club]

For the club's first league promotion in Kansai Student Hand Ball spring league competitions.

 ・Rowing [Club]

For OKAZAKI Mizuki's winning the gold medal in the women's coxswain quadruple in the Japan National Rowing Championship and the team's achievements.

 ・KOMORI Kosuke (Semi-hardball)

For winning the title for most runs-batted-in, the best nine award, and the home run award in the 2012 Kansai Six University Semi-hardball Games.

 ・Go [Club]

For the club's winning first prize in the first league of the Kansai Autumn League, breaking Ritsumeikan University's winning streak at 19, and more.

 ・Legal Consultation [Club]

For the team's winning the best team award in the 14th NIIJIMA Jo Commemorative Legal Discussion, HAYASHI Kentaro's winning of the best argument award in the same competition, and more.

 ・[Competitive] Karuta [Club]

For OTA Chisato's winning 3rd prize in Class A in the Student Championship and the club's other achievements.

 ・NISHIO Mai (Foreign Studies, 3rd year)

For winning first prize in the language creativity section in a 2013 quiz show of Nippon Television Network Corporation and her ranking in the top 5 in the total results for the show.

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