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Obtaining Undergraduate Application Materials for General Screening

How to obtain application materials for the 2018-2019 academic year

(updated: January 29, 2018)

Document request at a counter

Application materials are now available on weekdays (excluding holidays and the New Year's holiday season) from 9:00 ~ 17:00 at the Admission Division of the Department of Education Promotion and the Education Affairs (or Student Affairs) office of each undergraduate school.

Note: Closures during the lunch hour for these counters may vary between schools, so please call and confirm these times before coming to campus.

(1)Application materials can be requested using Telemail web page.

For application by computer,

click 資料請求はこちら

For application via cell phone, use the bar code below

*For details on how to obtain materials using Telemail, please follow the instructions at the above pages.

(2) Document request via Telemail (interactive voice response)

Make a telephone call to the following number and dial the document request number; the document will be sent in two or three days. If you request before the start of shipping, the document will be sent two or three days after shipping starts.

  1. Make a telephone call to the following number: IP phone: 050-8601-0101
  2. Dial the 6-digit document request number below.
  3. Then register in accordance to the voice instructions.
    * Order items should arrive in 1 - 2 business days after ship date. However, shipping to Hokkaido, Okinawa, and some remote islands may take 3 days or longer. An invoice for the shipping costs will be enclosed with your order. Please pay accordingly within two weeks after receiving your order. (A separate processing fee is required.)
Document name Document
request no.
Application Materials 585001 ¥215 N/A
Application Guidelines and Osaka University Guidebook 545001 ¥250

Note: The Telemail Customer Center deals with orders and shipment of documents related to steps 1 and 2 above. For additional information, contact the Center.

Telemail Customer Center

IP phone: 050-8601-0102 (9:30 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.)

Document request via "Mobaccho"

(1) Application via cell phone
Use the bar code at the right.

(2) Making an application by computer

Payment must be made by credit card, but you can request materials at the same rate as in the case of application via cell phone.

Click on the banner at the right.


Shipping charges

Transport document service -- Documents noted below are no longer available.

  • Application Materials: ¥200
  • Osaka University Guidebook + Application Materials: ¥300

Note: Daigaku Joho Center deals with orders and shipment of documents related to steps 1 and 2 above. For additional information, contact the Center.

   Mobaccho Customer Center, Daigaku Joho Center
Tel: 050-3540-5005 (10:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. on weekdays)

How to pay shipping charges

1. Bill-paying service

*The shipping charge will be withdrawn with the phone charge. You can also pay by credit card. In this case, a handling charge of 50 yen is needed. 
*Depending on your phone type and price plan, you may not be able to use this service.
2. Paying at a convenience store
After receiving the guidelines, please pay the charge at a convenience store. In this case, a handling charge of 126 yen is needed.

Document request by postal mail (Applications begin in late October)

Applicants are requested to send the Admission Division of Department of Educational and Student Affairs (address: 1-1 Yamadaoaka, Suita, Osaka 565-0871) an envelope with "Request for Application Materials for General Screening" written in red on the front and your name, address, and postal code on the back. Enclose a self-addressed, 33.2 cm x 24.0 cm envelope with the required amount of postage affixed. If you want to receive document by express, please write "by express mail/special delivery" in red on the enclosed envelop.

If you are requesting more than one copy, please note the following.

Document Name Mail type 1 copy 2 copies 3 copies
Materials for general screening (weight: 230g) Ordinary ¥250 ¥380 ¥570
Express ¥530 ¥760 ¥950

If you are requesting a copy of the Osaka University Guidebook in addition to the application materials:

Document Name Mail type Postage
Materials for general screening (weight: 450g)
Ordinary ¥380
Express ¥760

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