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Kasugaoka House Overview

Who may stay at the Kasugaoka House?
• International Specially Appointed Professors, Specially Appointed Researchers, and Visiting Researchers who are receiving education and/or performing research at Osaka University and/or their family members
• Patients at Osaka University Hospital and Osaka University Dental Hospital and their family members
• Individuals from other universities/research institutes performing collaborative research with Osaka University
• Other individuals whom the Executive Vice President overseeing management of the Kasugaoka House deems appropriate to lodge

Length of Stay
1 month or longer for monthly rates. In the case that your stay is less than one month, weekly rates are applicable.
*Individuals may only stay for the length of their study/research at Osaka University. Hospital patients and related individuals may only stay for the length of time required for treatment.



Important Notice: Payment by cash and credit card can be made at the Manager's Office. (Accepted cards: VISA, MasterCard, China UnionPay)

Those without a credit card are asked to pay via transfer to a designated university account. (Transfer fees must also be paid at the guest's expense.) For more details, please contact the Manager's Office.

*We ask that you check-in between 3:00 pm and 9:00 pm in the Manager's Office. If you will not be able to check in during this time, please contact the Manager's Office in advance. (Tel: 072-626-6228)

(Note: There is no parking available, so please utilize public transportation such as trains or buses when visiting.)

Accommodations for long stays

  • Accommodations for international researchers of Osaka University, researchers from other institutions and their families, as well as university hospital patients and/or their family members who stay 30 nights or more.

  • Accommodations for short stays

  • Accommodations for researchers and students of Osaka University as well as university hospital patients and/or their family members who stay less than 30 nights.

  • Cancellation Policy

  • Details on the cancellation policy for the Kasugaoka House can be found here.
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